Pure Peyote

Quality Assurance



Good Practices, GDPR Compliance, Certificates of Analysis

Corporate Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is vital to the safe production and distribution of Pure Peyote.


These policies are reviewed and kept up to date as required.



Good Practices (cGAP and cGMP)

Good Practices are standards along the entire production chain from species selection to end-product sale to client. Pure Peyote Good Practices policies include Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) .


Current Good Agricultural Practices (cGAP) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) are the part of Pure Peyote Quality Assurance that ensures our cacti are consistently grown, harvested, dried, packaged, stored and sold in accordance to the highest quality standards.


Pure Peyote Good Practices are clearly defined, current and communicated to personnel:

  1. Current Good Agricultural Practices and Records
  2. Current Good Manufacturing Practices and Records



Pure Peyote Certificates of Analysis

Proof of product safety and efficacy lie in Certificates of Analysis (COA).


Certificates of Analysis detail and measure medicinal compounds and testing for harmful adulterants from pesticides, soil, water, air and machinery.


Each Pure Peyote harvest is sampled and analyzed by independent labs. Products are released for sale only when our CEO approves of the COA – and besides being an organic vegan devoted to all aspects of health, she’s very picky.


Pure Peyote COAs are available online for review before purchase so that clients may see exactly what they are buying. 


Your Body. Your Right To Know.


Pure Peyote Certificate of Analysis



General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

Pure Peyote respects, supports and follows the standards and protocols of the General Data Protection Regulation. (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679)


GDPR protects the personal data of all EU citizens and is law for companies doing business within the EU. Pure Peyote adheres to the requirements even though we are outside of EU jurisdiction. It is a priority component of our client privacy ethic.


GDPR includes client consent for processing and storage of their data and following the data minimalization principle. Data that may identify an individual, be it cultural, genetic, psychological, religious and/or socioeconomic, is under GDPR protection.


Pure Peyote General Data Protection Regulation Policy