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GDPR Data Protection Policy

General Data Protection Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is a legal requirement within the EU and addresses the right of EU citizens to protect their personal data.


Pure Peyote respects and supports this regulation and has enacted the standards and protocols of the GDPR on PurePeyote.com and within our corporate culture for clients and all website visitors.


We believe that the GDPR is not just a legal regulation, it is a mind-set and ethic that we practice, encourage and support.




No cookies are created when you visit to the Pure Peyote website.


That means no tracking of your page views, no IP harvesting, no analytical mining, no online store third-party processing.


We believe in your right to privacy.


About Cookies
What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a data file stored by an outside party on your computer while you are on the internet. Cookies employed on websites can remember stateful information, record your browsing activity and remember previously user-entered information. Reputable browsers have settings that allow you to delete cookies collected.

Who Sets Cookies on a Website?

Cookies may be set consciously by the website developer or may be set by third-party auxiliary options used on a website such as:
> social media – not used on PurePeyote.com
> shopping carts for online stores – not used on PurePeyote.com
> analytics programs – not used on PurePeyote.com
> advertisers on website – not used on PurePeyote.com

The above options are consciously excluded from PurePeyote.com to protect your personal data.

WordPress and Cookies

PurePeyote.com uses the WordPress platform.

WordPress uses cookies for two things:

  1. When someone logs in – only Pure Peyote’s CEO logs into the website.
  2. When someone posts a comment – comments are not enabled on PurePeyote.com


On the Pure Peyote website you are not subjected to anyone’s cookies – WordPress, Social Media, Analytics or Otherwise.

Only You Provide Your Data To Us

Pure Peyote receives your data only if you provide it. 

We do not buy, trade, sell or mine personal data – or any data.


Only you provide us your data – your choice, your privacy, your protection.



How Pure Peyote Secures Data You Provide

Pure Peyote uses the end-to-end encrypted ProtonMail service. Mail is stored on secure servers located in Switzerland. Your emails may also be stored on one password-protected and encrypted office computer and a password-protected and encrypted backup hard drive system. These are accessed by one person, our CEO, and are located in a secure location.


Pure Peyote does not use cloud computing.


Information given over voice/voicemail/text may be committed to written form in our notes for the purpose of contacting you.


Before a purchase has been transacted, your communication with Pure Peyote may be deleted at your request.



How Pure Peyote Uses The Data You Provide

Pure Peyote uses the information you provide to process a sale and for delivery/shipment of product to the shipping name and address provided. Delivery is through authorized Pure Peyote personnel. Shipment is through Canada Post who will be provided your shipping information only.


Accounting records and communication is recorded under the provided client name.


Once a purchase has been transacted our legal representation makes us secure data:
→ mandated by Canadian law applicable to our business operations;
→ for preserving, resolving or protecting our legal rights;
→ needed to maintain business and financial records for the Canada Revenue Agency.



Your Right To Your Data

At any time you may request a list of your data that is within the Pure Peyote knowledge base.

You must be able to prove who you are by providing information that is only known to you and Pure Peyote. This security measure will be implemented once you become a client.


At Pure Peyote we believe your business is your business.



Tor Browser

Protect your online privacy and security further by using the Tor Browser.

Tor is an encrypted proxy network system which the browser uses.


Visit Pure Peyote on Tor using our onion address xxxxxxx.onion



Questions / Concerns

Please contact us if you have any privacy-related questions or concerns regarding Pure Peyote and your data protection.