Pure Peyote

Corporate Culture



Access, Knowledge, Compassion


Pure Peyote is a boutique company offering high quality Lophophora williamsii to a discerning clientele.




Pure Peyote is Canadian owned and staffed. All facilities are located within Canada.



Corporate Knowledge

All corporate personnel have written job descriptions and standard operating procedures are in place. Reviews, recommendations, improvements and streamlining of procedures are welcome from all staff and Pure Peyote provides paid time for personnel to meet regarding such. Communication between departments is encouraged to innovate and create harmony and balance throughout the entire organization.



Corporate Accesss

Clients have access to all persons within the business organization. Front line staff are educated to answer questions and will refer to more specialized personnel should the need arise. Within the organization all staff members have access to all corporate personnel. It is the responsibility of the CEO and ombuds to ensure synergy among departments to greater serve clientele.


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is key to the safe production and distribution of Pure Peyote.


Good Practices are standards along the entire production chain from species selection to end-product sale to client.


Current Good Agricultural Practices (cGAP) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) are the part of Pure Peyote Quality Assurance that ensures our cacti are consistently grown, harvested, dried, packaged, stored and sold in accordance to the highest quality standards. Pure Peyote Good Practices are clearly defined, current and communicated to involved personnel.



Proof of product safety and efficacy lie in Certificates of Analysis (COA).


Pure Peyote Certificates of Analysis are measured to the highest standards. Product COA are available online to review before purchase. It is important that clients see exactly what they are buying.


Your Body. Your Right To Know.


Please review our dedicated Quality Assurance Practices and Policies page for details.



General Data Protection Regulation

Pure Peyote respects, supports and follows the standards and protocols of the General Data Protection Regulation. (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679)


GDPR protects the personal data of all EU citizens and is law for companies doing business within the EU. Pure Peyote adheres to the requirements even though we are outside of EU jurisdiction. It is a priority component of our client privacy ethic.


GDPR includes client consent for processing and storage of their data and following the data minimalization principle. Data that may identify an individual, be it cultural, genetic, psychological, religious and/or socioeconomic, is under GDPR protection.


Pure Peyote General Data Protection Regulation Policy 



Corporate Transparency

Administration of the corporation also has it’s transparency responsibilities – and it begins with people. Everyone at Pure Peyote is encouraged to speak their wisdom and know they will be heard and acknowledged. Pure Peyote is transparent about change – any change in the organization culture; products and prices; successes and mistakes.


Pure Peyote is open to constructive critique internally and externally in order to create peyote that delivers the highest quality ingredients and standards.


Pure Peyote believes that by listening, networking and engaging we create an industry that is trusted and special.


And that is good news for everyone.



Research and Education

Research and Education are ongoing endeavours that Pure Peyote is committed to. Science is ever-changing and current research may mean greater understanding, additional applications and new hope. Pure Peyote invests time and resources to source the original research and not simply read headlines and summaries: often these can be misconstrued. Professional conferences and access to academia, cultivators, practitioners and consumers is imperative.


Education of clients about peyote quality is essential. Understanding the importance of all stages of production is both fascinating and complex. Engaging with people who wish to learn about our practices and listening to those who wish to share their experience and data are important to the knowledge base from which we may all draw.



Corporate Compassion

Corporations are only as compassionate as the people who inhabit them. Corporations are merely legal entities and the heart of any organization is shown by how their people treat others. We must listen, acknowledge, consider and act. Always with respect. Always with empathy. This is the foundation for Pure Peyote.


Corporate compassion – yes it is real.