Pure Peyote

Quick Facts



Canadian, Organic, Responsible, Private

Pure Peyote is Grown In Canada / Sold In Canada
  1. A boutique company offering high quality peyote.
  2. Supply is limited. Sales are discrete.
  3. Payment is online and may be made by bitcoin.
  4. Delivery is by Canada Post and only within Canada.
  5. Express personal delivery possible within the Vancouver area.
Pure Peyote Cultivation, Harvest
  1. We grow organically and harvest sustainably.
  2. Fresh air, aquifer water, natural light, hydro-electric powered.
  3. Drying monitored to retain holistic balances.
  4. Independent testing for compounds and toxins.
  5. Detailed Certificates of Analysis.
  6. Good Practices in place – cGAP, cGMP


Pure Peyote – The Company
  1. Owned by Jayun Nic Dówell.
  2. GDPR Compliant – Client data protection, privacy and security.
  3. Follows Client Rights and Corporate Transparency standards.
  4. Supports the cooperation of academic study and empirical knowledge.
  5. Founding member of Psychedelics United.
  6. Profits are directed to street-level health care and the preservation of wild peyote.


When You See the Pure Peyote Logo
  1. You know the peyote has been organically grown.
  2. You know the peyote has been tested to the highest quality and purity standards.
  3. You know you can access a detailed Certificate of Analysis before you purchase.
  4. You know that your privacy and security as a client are respected.
  5. You know that you are holding something sacred – pure peyote.