Pure Peyote

Holistic, Végan, Sustainable


Is Pure Peyote Holistic?


Pure Peyote is holistic, as nature intended.


Pure Peyote is the full spectrum of medicinal compounds and plant material of Lophophora williamsii. No extraction, concentration or isolation has been performed. Nothing removed, nothing added.


We believe in Nature’s formula – it’s been healing for thousands of years.



Is Pure Peyote Végan?


Pure Peyote is végan.

Agricultural growing components (soil, nutrients, etc) are végan.


In addition, all offices and buildings of Pure Peyote are végan territory – which includes food, clothing and equipment.



Is Pure Peyote sustainably grown?


Pure Peyote is grown in Canada. Due to Canada’s weather conditions cultivation takes place outdoors and indoors. We provide the cacti ideal temperatures, light, air circulation and water for a stress-free growing environment. Power used is hydro-electric. Water is from Soames Point prized for it’s purity. And the air is 100% Sunshine Coast BC fresh.


Along with the natural elements, we believe Respect, Wonder and Love are vital components of the growing conditions. Over the long growing period we nourish them and in turn they nourish us.


Sustainable harvesting means cutting off the mature peyote button while leaving the essential elements of the plant to regenerate. 


We know that wild peyote is under threat. We support the efforts of all who are working to save the sacred gardens. Our hope is that Pure Peyote may take some pressure from the wild, while helping to illuminate the importance of this medicinal plant.



Health Canada Classification

Pure Peyote is Lophophora, which is classified as an Natural Health Product (NHP) under Schedule 1 item 1 of the Health Canada NHP Regulations.1


Health Canada defines a Schedule 1 item 1 as “a plant or a plant material, an alga, a bacterium, a fungus or a non-human animal material”.2



In what forms is Pure Peyote available?

Fresh and Dry.


 Health Canada Natural Health Product Regulations:

Code Fresh – “A preparation where the herbal material has been recently picked and is not dried. The material may be cut, crushed or juiced.” 3


Code Dry – “A preparation where the herbal material is dried but not powdered. The material is often cut and crushed, but remains identifiable under close visual inspection.” 4



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